How Do You Choose a Good Cone?

One single best reason why pre-rolled cones are such a great thing is that they allow you to smoke a joint with ease, without all the hassle of dealing with feisty rolling papers.

There are many people out there who don’t have the slightest idea how to roll a joint, but love to have one. If you are tired of rolling papers and simply want to enjoy an easy route, investing in good pre-rolled cones for a smoke will be a great decision.

But again, how do you choose a good cone?

Good glue

A good cone that uses gum that has a water-based to provide the ultimate hold is best. This type of glue is great for purists, rather than the chemical glue (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate).

Also go for cones that are conically even and have no glue taste. The glue line should be thin and invisible.

It has a good paper

If you love a long, slow burn, a good pre-rolled cones materials used in the cone creation should be made of rice paper, which is good for your health, rather than the typical rough paper.

And most importantly, good cones must be made from paper with FSC certified.

Make sure they have a paper filter

You will not waste any of your herbs when the cones come with a paper filter to keep your herbs from falling out of the bottom. This is the standard practice for herbs, and this is why many brands have gained notoriety for making the best pre-rolled cones for herbs consumption. The filter improves airflow, too.

No additives are used in a good cone

No additives are used in a good cone. Knowing this will enable you to worry less about the weird chemicals messing with your pot flavor.

Good cones are organic and free of chlorine aftertaste

A good pre-rolled cone should be made of organic, unrefined materials. There should be incredibly easy to work with, and also must come with very handy paper filter tips. The end result is always an inhale packed with natural flavor, without the extra “gunk.”

Unbleached papers that are free of that off-putting chlorine aftertaste that you get are always great to look out for.

Have a good flavor

If you’re looking for something a little less natural, and a little more flavored go for the “candy-flavored” pre-rolled cones that enhance the flavor of your bud, rather than distract from it.

The flavored ones are usually packed with a ton of herbs in each roll.

It’s always a great idea to buy a few flavored pre-rolled cones to enjoy once in a while, like when there’s a special occasion or when you want a change of pace. It’s nice to have options as a herbs enthusiast!


You can only have a good experience when you use a good pre-rolled cone – which is a good thing.

There is no denying the demand for pre-rolled cones these days. They come already rolled for you, so right away, they eliminate the prep work for you. You need only fill, close, and smoke it. For both medical and recreational smokers, this option is convenient and simple.

So experience your self and get to know which cone suits your taste the best. You will know which are the good one once you try and taste and decide what is your favorite.