We have the very best price on the market. No exaggeration. No competitors can beat our price. No monkey business, no hidden fees. Don’t believe us?

Scratch the Surface

Juara Linting produces the finest pre-rolled cones for private labels, joint manufacturers, and industrial co-packers. We currently produces millions of pre-rolled cones per year for the cannabis industry’s major brands.

We are dedicated to provide our customers with highest quality product, faster lead times, and an unmatched customer experience. We pride ourselves on the value of our work.

The Natural Way to Roll

Our pre-rolled cones are made with the lightest and smoothest super slow burning European finest rolling papers. 

Manufactured in the Czech Republic, on the paper mills that have long been committed to sustainability improvement, innovation in products and processes, and fair employment, our rolling papers are tested in ISO certified laboratories in the USA and Canada. These lab tests are performed under the strictest testing standards for inhalable products.

This makes our pre-rolled cones naturally vegan-friendly, pesticide and heavy metal free.


Beyond the Edge

All of our pre-rolled cones are compliant with the highest industry standards, including the FDA and Health Canada.

We provide full transparency in all aspects of our production process. CoA, CoC, SDS and batch numbers are provided with every order.

Additionally, our QA team has developed a thorough quality control process that ensures we deliver consistency, quality, and compliance.

How We Make a Difference

There are no limits to what you want your cones to be. Any sizes and types, any color or style, creative and client-lead designs. We will work with you to take your best ideas from concept to reality.

We have the very best price on the market, period. No exaggeration. No competitors can beat our price. No monkey business, no hidden fees.
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Happy Employees, Happy Customers

Juara Linting’s massive ISO and GMP certified manufacturing facilities are located in Central Java, Indonesia, which is well known on its rich cultural heritage and traditions and has a long and colorful history. Some also said that Central Java is the origins of Javanese culture.

The soft and wise characters of the Javanese are deeply reflected on our culture and daily life. 

We believe that our employees are the foundation of the company so we take the well-being of our employees seriously and have built a safe, supportive and positive workplace and team environment across all aspects of our pre-rolled cone manufacturing business.